About Tremor

Richy Mohammed – Vocals

Terrance Sahatoo – Guitars

Stanley Jennings – Bass

Ravin Balroop – Drums

TREMOR is led by founder/lead guitarist Terrance Sahatoo, drummer Ravin Balroop , bassist Stanley Jennings and being joined by premier metal vocalist Richy Mohammed. With over 18 years in the metal business there seems no stopping them. Their debut demo “CRAWL FROM THE WRECKAGE” was released in February 2004, followed by “5.8” in 2006, “RE-BIRTH” IN 2008 and “SOUTH OF SANITY” In 2011 and “FRAGMENTED” IN 2020. With several tracks receiving continuous local airplay and having made the Global Metal Apocalypse 2019 best releases listing!

Their new 10 song cd “FRAGMENTED” is now available for the masses. “FRAGMETED” shows the band at their finest with their 5th cd release. The vision of TREMOR remains unscaved by trends, delivering hard hitting, in your face metal with memorable tracks like “DARKNESS DESCENDS”, the molten metal of “DRIVE BY” and the instant mosh pit anthem “FRAGMENTED” just to name a few.“FRAGMENTED” is now available for streaming on Spotify

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